First United Methodist Chiefland
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Epic End of Summer Bash

We all know how expensive that it can be to get one child ready for school. If you were to buy just one backpack, basic (notebook paper, pens, etc.) school supplies, one complete set of clothing, one pair of shoes, and one haircut, the cost would be around $130.00 (that's being very conservative). Multiply that by 3-4 children. This doesn't even begin to include items like calculators, project boards, or any of the myriad of odds and ends that are requested by different classes. The First United Methodist Church of Chiefland’s goal is to help provide services, products and information needed for the school year.

How do we do this? By holding an Epic End of Summer Bash! In this event we bring the community together to provide free services and products to help the kids get ready and excited about their return to school. Local businesses get involved and have their own booths where they each have items, services or information that they share with the community, or they donate to help provide food or activities.

In past years, families have received free haircuts, backpacks, clothing, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, sunscreen, rulers, etc. We also had great door-prizes for young and old, including auto servicing, archery equipment, gift certificates to many restaurants, and much more. Of course it isn't just about the "stuff". You can't have an Epic End of Summer Bash without getting a little wet. So there was a dunking booth, water slide, and misting area. There was also a great zip-line provided by the Scouts, a booth to get dog tags from the Army, and of course the Prayer Tent. And no, we didn’t forget about the food. There were hot dogs, beverages, snow cones, popcorn and other goodies. All of this was offered free to the community. There is no charge for admission or for any of the items or services provided.

Last year we had over 800 visitors and volunteers attend. This year we hope to increase again with a goal of over 1,000. This free event is geared toward all school age children and their parents, but of course anyone is welcome. If you or someone you know would like to assist with this fantastic event, please contact our office.